We need a Comfy, you need a Comfy, we all need a Comfy—and it's only $50.

Olivia Harvey
Dec 29, 2020 @ 2:18 pm
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Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images; The Comfy

Celebrities—they quarantine just like us! Lizzo just posted a video of herself yesterday, December 28th, in *that* comfy, cozy fleece sweatshirt that has been seen across several social media platforms and we just decided that we, too, need this thing. It's called The Comfy, and it's basically just a blanket with a hood and sleeves, which is exactly the type of thing we need to ride out the rest of this pandemic in.

Lizzo debuted her blush teddy Comfy while hanging out in her room with her best stuffed animal friend. And yes, it's true, she looks comfy AF.

You may have seen The Comfy before if you're a frequent TikTok flyer. TikTokers have been spreading the good word about The Comfy for months now, and The Comfy has even hopped on the TikTok train itself. The official Comfy TikTok account has over 8,500 followers and it shares Comfy-centric videos, which, if you binge all at once, will make you want a Comfy stat.

Credit: @lizzo, Instagram

The beautiful thing about the Comfy is that it's one-size-fits-all. The design, which was first brought to the hit TV show Shark Tank, comes in two finishes—the Comfy Original, made with a microfiber outer and faux-Sherpa inner and available on Amazon for $39.99, and the Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter Zip, which Lizzo opted for, is available on Amazon for $49.99.

The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip is super easy to care for, too. Simply throw it in the wash and tumble dry to have your Comfy look like new.

The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip
The Comfy Original
( $44.99 save 11%)

OK, well. Looks like we're set for the rest of the winter. Thanks, Lizzo, for inspiring us to get real comfy this cold season.