Badasses supporting badasses.

Olivia Harvey
Sep 17, 2020 @ 2:04 pm
Mike Marsland; Telemundo, Getty Images

When your friend is going through both wonderful and difficult times, you want to show them that you care and are there to support and celebrate them. For some, that means shooting your pal a text, for others, a card in the mail. For Lizzo, she likes to send her fellow powerful women in the industry bouquets of flowers and love notes to remind them they're amazing. Cardi B posted Lizzo's thoughtful note and gift to her Instagram Story, and now we, too, need a Lizzo pep talk.

Though she sent Cardi the bouquet on September 15th, the same day news dropped that the "WAP" rapper reportedly filed for divorce from her husband, Offset, it's not clear that Lizzo was thinking of that news or it just happened to be perfect timing for a love note.

Attached to the bouquet was a hand-written note from Lizzo that reads, "Flowers for a flower!"

"Congrats on all your success this summer—know you are loved and are love. P.S.—I'm sending you something good this week. Love, Lizzo!” the note continued. (Something good? We need to know, Lizzo!)

Over the video, Cardi B wrote, "Omg thank you @lizzobeeating."

Instagram, @iamcardib

While showing off the gift to her Instagram followers on her Story, the Cardi rapper said, "Isn’t Lizzo, like, the nicest person in the world? Look what she sent me, she is just a beautiful ass person, I just love her so much. These are so pretty.”

Now that we're fully aware of this friendship between Hustlers co-stars Lizzo and Cardi B, we will be expecting a musical collaboration between the two artists in the coming months—once everything calms down both in the world and in their personal lives, that is. Cardi did say that she originally wanted Lizzo to appear in the "WAP" video, but the "Truth Hurts" singer was on vacation at the time of the shoot.

Not to start rumors or anything, but a Cardi B-Lizzo team-up could result in world domination. And that's something we'd be totally okay with.