Olivia Harvey
Updated Jun 28, 2019 @ 7:16 am
Lizzo performing at the BET Awards 2019
Credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Forget about the standard “song of the summer.” Lizzo is the singer of the summer. Her tracks, “Juice,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Boys” are on everyone’s summer playlist—and Twitter feeds. After causing a viral sensation on TikTok, Lizzo’s “Boys” just got the meme treatment on Twitter, and we’re living for these threads.

If you haven’t bopped to “Boys” yet, you need to get on that ASAP. In the song, Lizzo cheers, “I like big boys, itty bitty boys, Mississippi boys, inner city boys, I like the pretty boys with the bow tie, Get your nails did, let it blow dry,” and continues to list the other types of boys she likes.

In May, TikTok user @kevboyperry decided to show off all the “good boys” he likes to the tune of Lizzo’s “Boys,” and it immediately went viral. What can we say? The internet loves good dog content as much as we love good Lizzo content.

Other TikTok-ers followed suit, posting montages of their best boys, which translated to fave memes, reptiles, animated cartoons, the Jonas Brothers, and more. It was only a matter of time until this meme trend hit Twitter, and when it did, it hit hard.

First came Zach Price’s “Lizzo’s “Boys” as Lizards, a thread.” The “inner city boys” lizard really sent us over the edge.

And when Lizzo ordered the internet to make more, the internet listened.

We got the song matched up to—*checks notes*—Danny DeVito, which the singer loved.

Then, we were blessed with the “Boys” as Michael Scott thread.

And Lizzo’s favorite so far, “Lizzo’s “Boys” as Jeff Goldblums, a thread.” Honestly, it’s our favorite, too.

Not even the Democratic presidential candidates were safe from the “Boys” treatment.

The entire meme came full circle, and we got more dogs, which is never a bad thing.

Is this the best meme to ever bless the internet? If Lizzo is involved in any capacity, then the answer is yes.