Madison Vanderberg
Updated October 31, 2018

Every year at Halloween one of those bizarro “headless” costumes goes viral and becomes an instant meme, but we weren’t prepared for how spooked we’d be by this year’s most popular “decapitated” Halloween costume. A child named Maya in Southbay Village, Philippines walked around her neighborhood in a pretty floral dress and her head on a platter, and honestly, we’re shook. Kudos to her mom Krystel Hwang for engineering this creepy costume and props to Maya for staying in character as “decapitated head” the whole evening.

We were terrified, but then we realized that it’s one of those headless costumes where you build a fake torso on top of your actual head. You can find a solid DIY for a similar headless costume here. Maya’s mom documented her daughter’s get-up on Instagram and we cannot get over how chill her neighbors were when Maya went trick-or-treating.

In case you were wondering if Maya was traumatized in any part by her spooky costume, she wasn’t. In fact, she was all in from the get-go.

The costume is so impressive that people on Instagram are asking Hwang to do a tutorial.

By the way, here’s Maya in her normal, adorable, and head-intact glory.

Goodnight everyone. Maya just won Halloween, you can all go home now.