The Friends set is one of the most iconic in television history—and what made the set so memorable were the unique props that littered each scene like the white dog statue, the French sign in Monica’s living room, and the Magna Doodle on the back of Chandler and Joey’s door. In fact, there’s one recognizable piece from the Friends set that Lisa Kudrow has in her possession, thanks to Matthew Perry, who “gifted” it to her when the show wrapped in 2004.

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, May 27th, Kudrow told Kimmel that Perry gave her the green and white “Cookie Time” cookie jar that appeared in Monica’s kitchen. (The prop can be seen behind Kudrow during her Jimmy Kimmel guest appearance since, of course, she filmed the segment from home.)

The reason Perry gifted her the jar was because, years earlier, he and Kudrow filmed a scene in which Kudrow’s character Phoebe treated the cookie jar like it was an actual clock.

“My line was ‘Ooh, I better get going.’ Except, I didn’t have a watch.” Kudrow explained to Kimmel. “And we were shooting it—it was too late when I realized I don’t have a watch. How do I know ‘Ooh, I have to get going?’ And as the words were coming out, I went, ‘oh good, there’s a clock.’ I gestured to that, and said ‘Ooh, look at the time! I got to get going.'”

After the scene was shot, Perry called Kudrow out for pointing to a cookie jar instead of an actual clock. The moment stuck with them, and now, Kudrow has the Cookie Time jar in her home—even though it wasn’t really Perry’s to give away.

“I think the first thing I asked [Perry] was, ‘This was so nice. Did you get permission?'” Kudrow joked. “I mean, my car used to get searched every night when I left.”

As Kimmel notes, Kudrow’s choice in that scene makes the moment so much more comedic—and so much more Phoebe. Plus, now fans have yet another Easter egg to spot while they’re on their hundredth Friends rewatch.