Jessica Wang
Updated January 28, 2019

When Lindsay Lohan isn’t establishing an empire in Mykonos, she’s…caught in a werewolf war. The Mean Girls actress is slated to star in an upcoming werewolf thriller, Among the Shadows, which will be released on March 5th. In the trailer, which debuted today, Lohan hires a private investigator to get to the bottom of an assassination attempt against her husband, who happens to be the president. Amid suspenseful music, full moons, and bright werewolf eyes, Lohan dramatically says, “the stakes are a lot higher now.”

Watch the trailer for Among the Shadows below.

This is a lot to unpack for a Monday afternoon.

Among the Shadows marks Lohan’s return to film since her role in 2013’s The Canyons. She’s also starred in various TV films, such as Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, a biopic that chronicled Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s turbulent romance. She also returned to the small screen with her new MTV docuseries, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which premiered on January 8th. The series follows Lohan’s return to the spotlight as an entrepreneur launching a beach club in Mykonos, Greece.

Among the Shadows will be released on March 5th.