Lindsay Lohan is everywhere these days thanks to her new reality television series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. And when the world gets new Lohan content, it usually also gets new Mean Girls content, which is good because our 2000s-loving hearts are here. for. it. Lohan sat down with Variety to chat all things Mean Girls nostalgia, including Rachel McAdams’ brilliant performance, Tina Fey’s fear of flying, and how she’s still gunning for that sequel.

Lohan said her favorite off-camera moment was when Fey would take tourbuses whenever she had to do any Mean Girls-related travel.

Lohan said her favorite moment in the film was the “That’s so fetch” exchange (same), but clarified, “Actually my favorite part was Rachel McAdams’ response when she’s like, ‘Stop trying to make fetch happen.’ When we were doing that scene, we all just kept laughing, it was a really nice moment.” Aw.

Lohan’s desire to do a Mean Girls sequel has been well-documented. She told Variety that she’s talked to producer Lorne Michaels about it and revealed in a 2017 interview that she wants the sequel to take place 13 years after high school and for the lead cast all have daughters of their own.

Maybe one day we’ll get that highly-anticipated Mean Girls sequel, or we can just keep reminiscing with our girl Lohan. You can watch her entire Variety interview here.