In 2016, Lindsay Lohan debuted a new accent, which was interesting because she gave little to no explanation regarding why. When the American actress suddenly appeared to be speaking with a one-of-a-kind brogue, everyone was…intrigued. Lindsay’s vaguely European accent tends to come and go, and is now back in our frontal lobes because, well, in a recent interview, Entertainment Tonight point-blank asked her, “Hey, how’d you get that accent?”

Lindsay explained that her home is in Dubai now, though she splits her time between there and Mykonos and Athens in Greece (where she filmed her new reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club). And she simply picks up the accents of whatever region she’s living in at the moment.

She also said that her business partner Panos Spentzos has influenced her current accent as well.

The internet gave her a hard time about her accent, but honestly, it tracks. She lives all over the world so she speaks like the voices she hears around her. Makes sense.

When Lindsay’s new accent first emerged in 2016, her mom Dina Lohan told ET that Lohan has always had a knack for learning languages.

Not only does Lindsay speak with multiple accents, she also speaks several languages. Who knew? So there you have it, folx, Lindsay has a unique, fluid accent because she’s a multilingual world traveler. Cady Heron would be proud.