“There’s been some girl-on-girl crime here,” Miss Norbury says in Mean Girls. Tina Fey’s character is talking about the Chicago-area public high school where she teaches math, but, real talk, she could be talking about ANYWHERE. It’s a sad truth that many girls use their own insecurity as fuel to be cruel to one another. Though major strides have been made in the battle to end bullying (i.e. now we actually treat it as a problem and punishable offense as opposed to dismissing bullying as “just a part of growing up”), we definitely have a ways to go before we can call girl-on-girl hate a thing of the past.

Doing her part to end this kind of cruelty is Lilly Singh AKA “Super Woman,” a YouTube star with almost 7.5 million subscribers, who yesterday launched her #GirlLove challenge. As Lilly explains, 6 million girls and women regularly watch her videos, so this holiday season, she’s using her reach to “speak up against an issue [she’d] love to see go away… girl-on-girl hate.”

“The sad reality is that girl-on-girl hate is such a big issue: at school, at work, or online. It never made any sense to me, because as women, we know how awesome other women can be… and more than anything, I believe women are so capable of destroying girl-on-girl hate… honestly, I don’t know who came up with the idea that it’s cool to hate on other girls, because it’s not. Ladies, it’s time to change the game and let it be known that what’s really cool is complimenting other women.” To help get the word out about #GirlLove, Singh called up some of her fellow YouTuber friends, including Shay Mitchell, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Candee Johnson, and Colleen Ballinger. In the video below, the stars speak honestly about where they think girl-on-girl hate comes from, and what we can do to abolish it once and for all.

As these Internet celebs see it, genuine compliments are truly effective arsenal in the war on girl-on-girl hate, so they took time out of their days to give compliments to the women they admire most. Singh and her friends encourage us all to give props to the women we think are amazing using the hashtag #GirlLove. And, as a lovely bonus, Singh is donating all proceeds from the views on her #GirlLove video to the Malala Fund, which helps girls around the world go to school.

“Together we can show the world how lame girl-on-girl hate is, and how awesome it is to support one another and build women up.” Singh concludes. “Girl-on-girl hate sucks. So let’s stop it.” Hear, hear.

Check out the mad-inspiring video below:

(image via Youtube