Lili Reinhart is crushing it. The actress has become one of TV’s biggest stars thanks to her mega-talent and starring role on Riverdale. And while Bughead fans adore news about the rumored IRL romance between Reinhart and costar Cole Sprouse, Reinhart recently opened up about why she doesn’t want a relationship to define her.

In an interview with Vogue published today, October 24th, the actress recalled that one publication recently used Sprouse’s name in a headline about her. Reinhart was understandably upset, and she told the magazine that it was problematic for people to only associate her with a man.

Although Reinhart and Sprouse are adorable—as friends, or possibly more— it’s admittedly frustrating that women so often are defined in context of men when it comes to media representation. It’s sexist and reductive, and it’s sadly nothing new.

Reinhart is currently gearing up to speak about overcoming insecurity at Glamour‘s Women of the Year Summit on November 11th. She also recently appeared alongside Elle Fanning in a crime drama called Galveston. Basically, she has a ton going on in her own right, and that’s what we should be talking about.

Thanks, Lili, for shining a necessary light on this infuriating phenomenon. Now let’s all be better.