Credit: Alex Iovine / Facebook

File this story under: “It’s 2018 (and also Pride Month) — how is this happening?” On Saturday, June 9th, Alex Iovine and Emma Pichl called an Uber to take them from Brooklyn to the East Village in New York City. Unfortunately, their trip didn’t go as planned. Once in the car, the couple shared a quick kiss which, according to their Uber driver, was grounds to remove them from his vehicle.

According to NBC New York News 4, the Uber driver immediately pulled over after witnessing the “peck” and ordered the couple out of his car.

Luckily, Iovine had her phone handy and began recording the incident. The video shows the driver stating that their kiss was “illegal” (in case there is any confusion, it absolutely is not).

“You can’t do this in the car,” the driver is heard saying on the recording. “You aren’t allowed to do this. It’s disrespectful.”

The couple reported the driver to Uber and the company has launched an investigation. According to News 4, the driver also reported the incident to Uber. The company, which “does not tolerate any form of discrimination,” according to a statement released to News 4, plans to take action — though we have no word on what that will be at this time.

Pichl and Iovine are hoping to receive an apology from the driver and have decided to not use Uber in the future. We’re eager to see what actions the company takes to remedy this unacceptable situation.