There was no shortage of fan theories about the final season of Game of Thrones—one of which included the idea that Cersei Lannister was faking a pregnancy. And now, actress Lena Headey has revealed that a deleted scene would have disproved that theory, and would have cast her character in a new light. During an appearance at a recent fan convention, Headey said that there was a scene in the show’s last season in which Cersei has a miscarriage, but it ultimately ended up being cut.

Credit: HBO

Over the course of the season, some fans theorized that Cersei was lying about her pregnancy to keep Jaime by her side instead of going to fight in the Battle of Winterfell. The deleted scene, however, proves that she was pregnant the entire time, and lost the baby.

Headey also recently admitted that she wished her character had a “better death” on the show.

I will say I wanted a better death,” she told The Guardian. “Obviously you dream of your death,” she says. “You could go in any way on that show. So I was kind of gutted. But I just think they couldn’t have pleased everyone. No matter what they did, I think there was going to be some big comedown from the climb.”