In the wake of the many serious and disturbing allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey came forward with two separate accounts of sexual misconduct involving the movie mogul. In a series of 2017 tweets, Headey first recounted an encounter she had with Weinstein while promoting The Brothers Grimm. The producer made a sexually suggestive comment to her while they were alone on a walk and implied that they should kiss.

Headey later described an even scarier encounter several years after the first event. She had a meeting with Weinstein for another project but felt confident that he would respect her boundaries after she had been so clear with him previously. After their breakfast meeting in a hotel, he asked her to accompany him to his room under the pretense of picking up a script.

She said he then forcefully escorted her back down to her car with an arm tight on her back, making her feel “powerless.”

And now, in a February 17th interview with The Times, Headey opened up about how she thinks the rejection likely affected her career.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Lena. We know it will empower even more women to share their truths.