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You are probably well aware that women in the U.S. make 78 cents to every dollar a man earns—that number is even less if you’re Black or Latina. Now a new video is trying to show you that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade – then demand equal pay for it.

The video produced by actress and writer Issa Rae shows just how ridiculous the gender wage gap is with the help of a few kids and their lemonade stand. In the two and a half-minute video, actress Anika Noni Rose and Gabriel Mann (from Revenge—hi, Nolan!) approach four kids selling lemonade in a school gym.

Their price? One dollar.

Mann gives a dollar to the one little boy in the group, but the three girls were instead given handfuls of change—the same amount each would make taking into account the wage gap.

When the girls ask the boy how much he made for his lemonade, Mann and Rose look uncomfortable for a split second, then Rose wags her finger. “It is not polite to talk about money!” she says.

She also explains to one of the girls the reasoning that’s implied with the wage gap: “We value him more than we value you.”

But that begs the question – if these kids are all making the same lemonade using the same ingredients and putting in the same work, shouldn’t they get the same pay? Of course they should. But the system is bent against them, and has been from the beginning.

At the end of the video, produced by nonprofit group, Make It Work, the nonprofit states that white women lose an average of $11,000 a year because of the gender pay gap, while Black and Latina women lose $22,000 and $25,000, respectively, for the same jobs.

“Stop being polite. Start asking questions,” the video states.

Though the video is certainly cute (who doesn’t love kids selling lemonade!), the message is dead-serious– the gender pay gap starts early and just keeps going throughout a woman’s career (just see how surprised Rose is to find out she’s not making the same amount as Mann for the same job).

For the video’s creator, Rae, joining forces with Make It Work was a matter of talking about something that most women would rather not – their pay.

“So many people either don’t know or won’t talk about the gender pay gap and that does a disservice to every working woman,” Rae said in a news release. “Even I wasn’t aware of how bad the gender pay gap was until the stats were presented to me.”

The stats are absolutely alarming and raise a ton of questions. And asking those questions is the first step in sparking change.

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