Winona Dimeo-Ediger
June 21, 2016 10:44 am

It may seem that there’s no way to improve on the classic condom design, if only because it hasn’t really been improved much in the past 100 years or so. But why not? After all, traditional condoms are prone to slipping and breaking, and many people just straight-up don’t like to use them.

LELO, a Swedish company known for making gorgeous vibrators, decided it was time to rethink the condom. “It is kind of a shame that in 2016, we are still using a product that is more or less identical to what it was a hundred years ago,” LELO founder Filip Sedic told Tech Insider. “I believe that with today’s technology, we can do much better.” LELO engineers and designers accepted the challenge: could they make a condom that was more effective, more comfortable, and more…sexy?

Turns out that yes, they totally could.

The result of their efforts is a new condom called HEX. After studying traditional condoms, LELO engineers realized that latex was still a good choice for condom material, but the structure of the condom needed to change. They hit on the idea of imprinting a hexagon pattern on each condom surface to make it stronger. It worked. Studies showed the HEX condom was stronger, more effective, and more pleasurable than traditional condoms.


Right now the HEX condom is available for preorder and the first shipment will be sent out in August. Need a little more convincing that this condom is a huge improvement over the ones currently stashed in your nightstand? Check out this GIF:

source: LELO

Yeah. We’ll be ordering a box, too.