Sophy Ziss
January 17, 2018 4:07 pm

Earlier this year, the Kylo Ren Challenge saw Star Wars fans posing like the First Order villain during his psychic connection with Rey. (Which is to say, they recreated the #SHIRTLESSKYLOREN look, complete with black, high-waisted pants, because sometimes the internet is really hilarious.) Even celebrities, like John Mayer, joined in on the fun! On January 16th, though, Twitter user Molly Tanzer upped the game when she created the Leia Challenge. It took over Twitter, and for good reason: It is *fierce* AF.

Fans of all ages joined in on the Leia Challenge, and they got extra creative with it too. Why pose like Kylo Ren when you can shroud yourself in mystery like the incredible General Leia Organa? To take part in the new challenge, you just need one thing: An item of clothing that will shield half of your face, like the powerful General and Princess you are. That’s it! Some people used clothing for the Leia Challenge and some used accessories, like jackets or scarves. At least one adorable couple participated in it together (#goals), and one hilarious new dad joined the Leia Challenge with some help from his new baby.

This is seriously just the best.

In a surprise twist, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac took home the real Leia Challenge crown inadvertently. A fan snapped a photo of him appearing playfully half-hidden behind a divider on an airplane, and it went viral — and it’s, as to be expected, out of this world.

Look, no one will ever beat Leia at being Leia. This is Carrie Fisher we’re talking about after all. But, as far as the Leia Challenge is concerned, Isaac does a Dameron good job — even if inadvertently. Now, imagine the possibilities if we were to participate ON PURPOSE.

Don’t mind us, just eagerly awaiting that pic…Your move, Isaac, your move…