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Whether you know it or not, microfiber fabric is everywhere.

A guaranteed staple in nearly all of our wardrobes, it keeps garments feeling comfy, and it’s also a key player in creating the best lint-free cleaning cloths on the market. Though microfiber materials clearly have benefits, they come with a major environmental cost: When washed, the fabrics release microfiber particles, also known as microplastics, that inevitably leach into waterways.

Though we can’t see them, microplastics are a huge contributor to the pollution of lakes and oceans, and certainly aren’t helpful to the fish who unintentionally consume them.

Thankfully, environmental advocates recognize the urgency of this issue, and there are tons of solutions on the horizon for mitigating as much microplastic leakage as possible. Enter the Washing Garment Bag from Guppyfriend, a mesh laundry bag that does more than simply keep your clothing together in the wash.

Made from a unique micro-filtering fabric, Guppyfriend’s bag traps shedding microfibers from the clothes inside and actually prevents the release of fibers in the first place.

By reducing fiber shedding at the source, your clothes will actually feel newer for longer, which means you’ll no longer be pulling clothes out of the wash only to find them stretched out.

And let’s not forget the other crucial benefit to making clothes last—it means you’ll be buying less, and therefore making less of an impact on the environment (and your wallet) in the long run.

Guppyfriend Washing Garment Friend

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Maintaining this laundry bag is simple, given that you’re inadvertently cleaning it when you use it. Paired with the Cora laundry ball, another reusable microfiber-trapping mechanism, the Washing Garment Bag is the investment that keeps on giving, not only to you, but to the world we live in. Shop it on Amazon and breathe a little bit easier on your next laundry day.