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Gwendoline Christie’s character in the new Star Wars trilogy, Captain Phasma, was a badass addition to the revitalized franchise. She was a fascinating villain who stepped outside the norm of what a female baddie looked like. We love her, but Phasma’s time in The Last Jedi was a lot shorter than we would have hoped. Even worse, her final moments on-screen were kind of ambiguous and didn’t give us the emotional closure we were hoping for in her last interaction with Finn. Her ultimate fate was a bit unclear, and it felt like the Last Jedi team missed a bit of an opportunity to really pack an emotional punch.

But as it turns out, that final scene was trimmed down significantly.

While we totally understand the mammoth task it must be to take hours of raw footage and trim it down into a theatrical version, this is one Finn and Phasma scene that we’re sad to see land on the cutting room floor. In it, we not only get to see more of Phasma’s character, with Finn definitively standing up to her one final time, but it gives us a pretty straightforward answer about her fate (though, Gwendoline Christie is still pushing for Phasma’s return).

Though the Star Wars films didn’t give Phasma as much time as we would have liked, her story isn’t just what we’ve seen on the big screen. In 2017, Delilah S. Dawson wrote an official Star Wars novel, appropriately titled Phasma, that gave more of a background to the character and painted a bigger picture of her well beyond the shiny stormtrooper outfit.

It also showed us that ultimately, though Phasma is a badass, she’s not out for honor.

She’s interested in advancing her own cause, and doing whatever she can to self-preserve. We don’t really get to see that on-screen, but in this extended scene with Finn, we get a firsthand look at Phasma’s true colors. Sure, it’s a small moment, but it really does help flesh out Christie’s character — so, yes, we’re sad it got left out of the movie.

BUT at least we have this special feature from the Blu-ray, and we always have Dawson’s novel to really help us get our Phasma fix.