Twitter is going wild guessing the big twist in the Last Christmas plot, and LOL

It’s only August, so most of us are still in summer beach vacay mode. But we have to admit that we’re officially ready for the holiday season: the Last Christmas trailer just dropped, and it’s putting us in the mood for a little holiday romance.

Aside from featuring the Wham! Christmas classic (and plenty of George Michael music to hit us right in the holiday feels), Last Christmas finds two strangers, played by Game of Thrones’s Emilia Clarke and Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding, unwittingly crossing paths amid the twinkling backdrop of London during the holiday season. If it all sounds like a festive fever dream, that’s because it very well might be, with Twitter users going wild trying to figure out the plot twists hinted at in the first official trailer for the film.

Turns out, there may be more to this movie than meets the eye, and social media users are trying to figure out what is really going on in Last Christmas.

First, check out the trailer itself, which is giving us Love, Actually mixed with Elf and Me Before You vibes. There’s twinkling holiday lights, romance, humor, a garden-variety life-threatening illness, and elf costumes galore.

Then, check out the reactions from viewers on Twitter, who have all kinds of theories about what this movie is really about.

Some are convinced Golding’s character Tom is some sort of ghost or angel hybrid, making it a holiday horror movie of sorts. Maybe a little throwback to A Christmas Carol?

Others think the twist is going to be super sad, like that Clarke’s character Kate has a donated organ from Tom, so grab the tissues.

One person has a truly wild conspiracy theory involving Wham!, and we’re laughing so hard.

But others think that there is no plot twist, and this is just your standard tear-jerker of a holiday rom-com.

We’ll have to wait until November 8th, when the film hits theaters, to find out what is actually going on in Last Christmas, so keep your Santa hat and box of tissues at the ready for this one. We have a feeling you’re gonna need them close by.

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