"Let's go back, let's go back to the beginning..."

kristin cavallari and stephen colletti laguna beach reunion
Credit: Jesse Grant / Stringer, Getty Images

It might be 2020, but we think it’s officially time to go back, back to the beginning because Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti just reunited in their hometown of Laguna Beach. They posted proof to Instagram on Tuesday, August 4th, and needless to say, fans are, appropriately, freaking the heck out right now.

Of course, the year was 2004, and we were sharing selfies on MySpace and downloading music onto our iPods from Napster instead of streaming on Spotify and Pandora—all the while obsessively watching the love triangle between then-high schoolers Cavallari, Colletti, and Lauren "L.C." Conrad unfold on MTV's reality show Laguna Beach.

But as high school romances both on reality TV and in real life tend to do, the stars of the series eventually moved on with their lives, starting their careers (and, in some cases, returning to reality TV) and starting families. That said, it doesn't mean we’re not eternally nostalgic for those simpler times. So seeing former love interests Cavallari and Colletti posing together in a cozy selfie on Instagram just hits us right in the feels and has us blasting “Come Clean” on repeat.

Cavallari posted the selfie on her Instagram page, captioning the shot “2004 or 2020?!” and tagging Colletti. 

The photo has been sparking romance rumors (especially because Cavallari announced her split from husband Jay Cutler earlier this year), but fans know that Laguna Beach’s couple has remained friends all these years later. Plus, TMZ reported that the pair are not back together and are simply still pals, so it seems unlikely they’re rekindling their high school romance.

Fans, even celeb fans, are going wild in the comments. Fellow MTV reality star Snooki wrote, "omg I am here for this" with fire emojis. Though, ahem, card-carrying members of Team LC aren't as happy.

Cavallari also met up with her high school BFF Alex Murrel during her trip home to Laguna, sharing a snippet of their meetup on her Instagram Stories. (Murrel and Laguna Beach alums Morgan Souders and Taylor Cole are also still super tight, based on some light Instagram stalking, which truly does make our teenage hearts soar.)

laguna beach reunion on kristin cavallari's instagram
Credit: Kristin Cavallari, Instagram

No matter if you were Team Kristin or Team L.C., you can probably still hear Cavallari utter “Ste-phennnn” with perfect accuracy in your head all these years later. So we love to see these two together, and we’re low-key glad their friendship has lasted longer than our Abercrombie polos and bleach-blonde highlights did.