Trilby Beresford
December 14, 2016 11:59 am
Instagram/Lady Gaga

You’ve probably heard that Lady Gaga opened up earlier this month about sufferring from PTSD as a result of a sexual assault that occured when she was a teenager. THEN, journalist Piers Morgan went on to doubt the truth of her allegations (he also doubted Madonna’s claims of sexual assault, fyi), which is obviously infuriating…since he wasn’t there.

But given Lady Gaga’s amazing capacity to be awesome, she agreed to an interview with Morgan to really delve into the issues of rape, trauma, and the fear of coming forward when it happens.

Basically it went down like this: Morgan Tweeted his doubts about the incidents (dismissing them as publicity stunts), as well as his doubts that anyone but a solider could suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lady Gaga responded passionately, offering to discuss the actual realities of PTSD and how it’s not just a thing that affects soldiers.

Never one to shy away from an important discussion, she jumped on board.

OH, and the drama didn’t actually end there.

Hopefully Morgan can put aside his hostility and approach this topic from an unbiased point of view, because we’re looking forward to this.

PTSD can indeed affect anyone — not just war veterans — and many survivors have shared their truths about living with PTSD. It should be treated with sensitivity and respect, like any other mental illness.

Ultimately, we hope that their conversation brings much needed awareness to survivors of sexual assault, because women should never be afraid to speak up about these issues out of a fear of not being believed (ahem, Pierce).

Thank you Lady Gaga for sharing your story, because your honesty is empowering and will hopefully help other victims come forward.

We are all stronger together, and the more people who understand the devastating emotional after-effects of sexual assault, the sooner we will be able to truly help its victims.

H/T: Us Weekly