For the past four years, Kesha has been embroiled in a legal battle with her producer Lukasz Gottwald (aka Dr. Luke) after she accused him of sexual assault, harassment, and battery. The producer has repeatedly denied her allegations, and is currently suing Kesha for defamation. Lady Gaga, who was subpoenaed in the suit, stood with the “Here Comes the Change” singer throughout the legal process, and now, her deposition has been unsealed, proving just how unwavering her support was.

In the September 2017 deposition, unsealed on January 29th and obtained by The Blast, Lady Gaga described the first time she formally met Kesha, which happened at Dr. Luke’s home studio. She encountered Kesha wearing only her underwear.

She went on to explain that over the course of several years, Kesha told her about being sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke. The producer’s lawyer challenged Gaga, arguing that she had no real first-hand knowledge of what took place and only knew what Kesha had told her. The attorney also brought up “false accusations of rape,” to which Gaga replied: “How about all of the women that are accused of being liars and how she was slut-shamed in front of the entire world.”

Dr. Luke’s attorney continued to press, again suggesting that because Gaga was relying on Kesha’s account, she didn’t actually have valid information. But the “Bad Romance” singer, who has previously discussed her own sexual assault, dismissed the notion.

She continued by wondering, “Why on earth would this girl tell the entire world this happened? Why on earth? Do you know what it’s like for survivors? Do you know what it’s like to tell people?”

Gaga’s defense of Kesha is so powerful—and also serves as an important reminder of how difficult it is for victims to speak up. Thank you—to Kesha, Gaga, and to all of the survivors helping to destigmatize this process.