Lady Gaga is not only one of the greatest performing artists of our generation, but she has influenced the fashion world. Whether she’s going for an avant-garde haute couture look or bringing back some country style, her ensembles make waves. One of her early signature looks happens to be one of her most iconic — the hair bow. Created in 2008 by stylist Patricia Morales, Lady Gaga’s famous hair bow has made a resurgence, but with a modern twist.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lady Gaga hit the streets rocking the hair bow look we all know and love so well. This time, hairstylist Frederic Aspiras modified it by adding braids to the mix. It’s a fresh spin on an old classic — funky, cool, and completely unexpected.

It’s been almost a decade since the last time Lady Gaga rocked the hair bow, can you believe it?

Gaga’s hair seems to be slicked back into a fierce, straight ponytail with braided strands used at the base to create a hair bow.

The look is intensely Gaga.

Makeup artist Sarah Nicole Tanno complemented Lady Gaga’s fierce hair with an equally strong and dazzling makeup look.

The red-orange lip is set to be the statement shade of the summer, and who doesn’t love a dramatic wing?

This is such a fun, rock ‘n’ roll take on the original hairstyle, which tended to skew more sweet than street.

Credit: Film Magic / Getty Images

Remember those days?

Credit: Nick Harvey / WireImage / Getty Images

These are really taking us back. Gaga was without a doubt an influencer from moment one.

Are you glad to see the hair bow make its triumphant return? Braids are always a go-to look in the summer months — which means we’ll probably see a lot more braided styles in the very near future.