In case you didn’t know, we are in the midst of a LaCroix renaissance. Over the past couple of years, the flavored sparkling water has inspired everything from cocktails to vibrant makeup looks, and its popularity has shown no sign of slowing down. One superfan even made a LaCroix music video. And now, there are LaCroix bathing suits, which promise to bring flavor to your summer.

The online brand Publicspace is currently selling the suits, which feature the same vibrant colors and ’90s vibes that we’ve come to know and love on our LaCroix cans. The LaCroix bathing suits are available in both swim trunks and one-pieces, and you can choose from one of six “flavors” — pamplemousse, cran-raspberry, lime, lemon, passionfruit, and pure.

According to the retailer’s website, the suits are made from 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex. The one-piece suits feature a scoop back and a high-cut leg. And at $49.50 for the one-pieces and $39.50 for trunks, this is some stylish swimwear we can really get behind.

Publicspace makes its products by hand in Los Angeles, so expect to wait a week or two after you place your order to get your suit. Publicspace’s site estimates that an order placed by May 17th will arrive in time for Memorial Day on May 28th — perfect for the beginning of pool season.

With their bright colors and whimsical designs, these bathing suits are the perfect homage to our favorite fruity beverage. But regardless of whether you drink LaCroix on a daily basis or secretly aren’t sure what the hype is about, these suits are sure to make a splash.