jessica tholmer
February 10, 2018 12:32 pm

On Sunday, February 4th, Kylie Jenner announced that she gave birth to a baby girl. And as these things go, everyone spent a few days trying to guess what her daughter’s name would be. (Spoiler alert: She named the baby Stormi.) But fans and Kardashian-Jenner conspiracy theorists were totally convinced that the baby’s name would incorporate butterflies in some way. Why? There are a few reasons. For starters, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have matching butterfly tattoos. Scott has a song called “Butterfly Effect.” And Jenner had been showing off a bunch of butterfly jewelry — rings and necklaces and the like.

Even when Kylie announced that their baby’s name is Stormi, fans still tried to make the butterfly connection. Some link Stormi’s name to the butterfly effect theory that small changes can have large consequences. For instance, a butterfly’s wings can flap and create a tornado, or a storm. (Storm, Stormi — you see?) But it turns out, the joke is on all of us. Kylie Jenner is actually terrified of butterflies, and there is a video to prove it.

In a clip from her reality TV show Life of Kylie, Jenner and her BFF Jordyn Woods visited a butterfly exhibit at the London Zoo. And not only is Kylie scared of them, she thinks they’re really rather ugly too.

Jenner clearly feels differently about butterflies that aren’t moving since she has one tattooed on her body. The beautiful insect has still been seen well represented in Jenner’s life. But to each their own! She’s clearly not faking her reactions in the video.

Sorry, butterflies. Kylie Jenner just isn’t that into you IRL.

There’s a difference between a sparkling diamond butterfly ring and a real one that might land on you, after all.

What other “secrets of Kylie” there are to be revealed?