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March 04, 2018 11:00 am
Kylie Jenner /

Kylie Jenner is a very public person. As the youngest member of the KarJenner family (in her generation, anyway), she spent most of her formative years and young adult life in the public eye. Basically, every member of the KarJenner family is under constant scrutiny. It is true that the famous family has made an empire out of their name. However, their success does not mean every single thing they do should be critiqued.

As a brand new mom of adorable little Stormi, Jenner has been actually pretty quiet lately. Throughout her pregnancy, she chose to stay private and not even confirm the rumors until her baby was actually born. But now that she’s back on social media, everyone feels the need to comment on her every move, yet again.

Similarly to how Jessica Simpson was lip shamed on Instagram recently, Jenner is now being shamed for something equally as ridiculous: being a mom with long fingernails. Apparently, people have a problem with her long nails because you can’t possibly be the mother to a newborn and also have a nice manicure?! Moms — both famous and non-famous — can and should have whatever kind of nails they want. Honestly, can we just let celebs live?

Many Twitter users critiqued Jenner for her long nails.

Fortunately, others quickly came to her defense.

Celebrity moms like Jenner are constantly under scrutiny from random social media users.

Recently, Chrissy Teigen was mommy-shamed for holding her daughter Luna. In 2017, Ciara was mommy-shamed for taking her baby on a water slide. The year before that, Kristin Cavallari was criticized for how “skinny” her son was. Sigh.

The truth is, we have absolutely no idea what these famous people are like as mothers.

It is tempting to feel like we are friends with Jessica Simpson, Chrissy Teigen, and Kylie Jenner because we see them on Instagram all the time. But we aren’t friends with these people (sadly!) and we have no idea what kind of parenting they participate in.

As far as Jenner’s nails go, she can absolutely parent Stormi and rock a long, pink manicure at the same time.

Have we mentioned that she’s IN THE BEAUTY BUSINESS? There are bigger fish to fry in the world, people. We need to start letting moms live their lives without attacking them and making assumptions.

The actual point of Jenner’s Instagram post was to celebrate her baby’s one month birthday. Instead of worrying about her nails, we wish Stormi a happy one month of life!