Molly Thomson
Updated Mar 01, 2018 @ 3:23 pm

UPDATE March 1st, 2018, 3:15 p.m. PST: Kylie Jenner just posted the first photo of her holding her 1-month-old daughter Stormi in front of her home on Instagram, and best believe our eyes traveled to her left ring finger. The star, who cradles an adorable, bunny-onesie wearing Stormi, has a simple band on that finger, and it appears to be the same one we’ve spotted in previous photos and stills from her now-famous pregnancy and birth announcement video. As for whether this means the reality star is engaged, well, that’s still up for debate…

After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner has finally confirmed that she was, in fact, pregnant and gave birth to daughter Stormi Webster on February 1st, 2018. However, fans are now preoccupied with another burning question: Could the youngest Jenner sister be engaged?

In her February 13th Instagram post, Kylie is posing in a red Adidas tracksuit, her left hand idly playing with her hair and visibly revealing a ring on ~that~ finger.

This expands on the rumors that surfaced after Kylie posted an 11-minute video to her Youtube channel chronicling her pregnancy. The emotional video fulfilled her fans’ desire to know more about the last nine months of her life, and showed a glimpse into Kylie’s sweet relationship with Travis Scott.

The video also showed a ring. As Elle pointed out, at the 34-week mark in the video, Jenner begins wearing a ring on her left finger that certainly looks sparkly enough to befit a celebrity engagement.

We aren’t the only ones who noticed. Rumors surfaced in early February when she first posted the video, and now they are swirling again. reported in late January that Kylie has “no plans…to get married or even engaged” and that it’s “not anything that Kylie seems to be focused on.” So we should all probably relax?

Of course, it’s natural for fans to be curious after Kylie kept her pregnancy so private (and let’s be real: it’s totally possible that she’d get married before anyone ever even found out she was engaged). If she does get married in a super-secret ceremony, the lipstick empire queen will let us know when she’s ready. Until then, we’ll be here studiously analyzing ring placements.