It's so tiny and delicate.

Olivia Harvey
Aug 26, 2020 @ 9:59 am
kristin cavalleri tattoos
Credit: Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Kristin Cavallari just got inked to symbolize her process of coming out on the other end of a tough time. Celeb tattoo artist JonBoy gave the reality TV star and author two new tattoos yesterday, August 25th, and they're both so delicate, yet hold heavy meaning.

"Tattoo time," Cavallari captioned her Instagram post. JonBoy, who is known for his simple and barely-there line work, seemingly paid a visit to Cavallari's home to complete the ink session.

Cavallari got two new tattoos: a butterfly and the first initials of her three children, Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor.

These meaningful tattoos come months after she and her partner of 10 years, Jay Cutler, announced their divorce in April.

"Butterflies have been such a sign for me when going through difficult times," Cavallari wrote on a shot from her Instagram Story that shows off the tiny butterfly tattoo on her wrist.

It's unclear if the "difficult times" she's referring to are related to her divorce, but nonetheless, the sweet little tattoo is the perfect daily reminder to keep going and stay strong.

Kristin Cavallari tattoo
Credit: Instagram, @kristincavallari

JonBoy also designed a gorgeous cursive, line tattoo that just barely forms the three letters of her kids' names. This appears to be inked on Cavallari's left inner forearm. It's in the swooping font that the tattoo artist has become famous for. (See: Ashley Benson's "squish" tattoo, among others.)

Kristin Cavallari tattoo
Credit: Instagram, @kristincavallari

For many people, tattoos are markers of moving on from a phase of life—the end of a meaningful chapter. And for Cavallari, it's no different. She has her children by her side, her constant sign to keep moving forward, and a brand new path ahead of her.