We’re going to go ahead and tweak that old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” to “Don’t judge a supervillain by her old Target Lady sketches.” Because when Wonder Woman returns for her much-anticipated sequel next year, she might be facing off against Kristen Wiig. Is casting an actress known for her comedic movie roles and Garth and Kat singalongs an unexpected choice? Yes. Are we 150% here for it? YES.

But it seems it might take some fans a littleee longer to wrap their head around the news. Wiig is reportedly in talks to play Cheetah in the movie, a villain comic book followers know as one of Wonder Woman’s biggest nemeses. While the first Wonder Woman was set during World War I, rumor has it that this time around the action will fast-forward to the Cold War in the 1980s — and apparently, actual cat lady Cheetah will be joining in on the fun.

In the comics, Cheetah started out back in the ’40s as Priscilla Rich, a high-society type who had it out for Wonder Woman after a perceived slight at a charity event (sounds very Real Housewives of the DC Comics Universe). But in the ’80s, the character got rebooted as Dr. Barbara Minerva, an anthropologist and one-time friend of Wonder Woman who is turned into Cheetah — complete with cat-like hunting skills and speed — by Urzkartaga, the Plant God on an expedition in the jungle.

Minerva is the Cheetah we’ll reportedly be meeting in Wonder Woman 2.

Of course, when Deadline broke the Kristen Wiig casting news, online haters started their predictable hating — arguing, for the most part, that Wiig couldn’t handle the role because she’s a comedian. It’s a familiar casting complaint but, time and time again, actors and actresses have proven that exploring one side of the emotional spectrum doesn’t actually prevent you from nailing another one. Why don’t we ask Whoopi Goldberg, or Steve Carrell, or Jonah Hill, or Eddie Murphy about whether their comedy backgrounds got in the way of their Oscar nominations for dramatic parts? (Hint: They didn’t.)

Plenty of people defended the move, too.

Some pointed out that non-traditional casting choices have often given us some of the greatest performances (see: Heath Ledger as The Joker). But in this case, we’d also like to point out that Kristen Wiig has already proven her acting chops multiple times. There have been more dramatic roles like The Skeleton Twins or Welcome to Me, but go watch Bridesmaids again — her portrayal of Annie’s frustration and hurt is seriously underrated. Plus, we’d pretty much trust Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins with anything. So let’s make this potential casting official, k?

Wonder Woman 2 is expected to hit theaters in November 2019.