Meaghan Kirby
January 19, 2018 4:38 pm
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

On Sunday, Kristen Bell will make her debut as host of the Screen Actors Guild Awards — serving as the first host in the show’s 24 year history — and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Good Place star may be best known for her work as teen detective Veronica Mars on the cult series of the same name, as the titular Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and naturally as the voice of Anna in Frozen. But over the last decade, the veteran actress as also built up a pedigree for appearing in a diverse range of blockbuster films with star-studded casts.

While every Kristen Bell fan has seen When in Rome and the Veronica Mars movie, here is just a smattering of the other films that may fave flown under your radar. Whether you’ve seen them all or none, they’re all worth checking out because let’s face it, Kristen Bell is the best. So next time you need a night in to relax, or simply just want an excuse to hang out with Bell for 2+ hours (and by “hang out,” that really means, “watch her in a movie for 2+ hours”) here are some of the greatest Kristen Bell movies to date — and let’s hope there are so many more roles yet to come.

Serious Moonlight — 2009

This dark comedy stars Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton as Louise and Ian, a couple whose marriage is on the verge of collapse as Ian plans to leave Louise for, Sara, played by Bell. This love triangle comes to a head after Louise and Ian’s house is robbed and the duo, plus Sara, are all locked in a bathroom together.

Couples Retreat — 2009

Okay you may be somewhat familiar with this one but seriously, Jason Bateman and Bell are the ultimate neurotic bickering couple. After numerous failed attempts to conceive a baby has taken a toll on their marriage, the two announce to their friends that they’re thinking of separating but are giving it one last chance at a couples retreat — and need three other couples to go along for a special deal. You can see where this one is headed.

You Again — 2010

Bell stars as former high school misfit Marnie, who is forced to confront her former tormentor and popular cheerleader Joanna (Odette Annable) after it’s revealed Joanna is marrying Marnie’s older brother (James Wolk). Things get even messier as further family ties prove that high school never really ends.

Burlesque — 2010

This musical about a Los Angeles burlesque club may be best known as the movie that starred Cher and Christina Aguilera, but Bell also played a major in it. As burlesque dancer Nikki, Bell serves as the primary antagonist for Aguilera’s Ali and later Cher’s Tess. Love it or hate it, its high drama and is very addicting.

Stuck in Love — 2012

Stuck on love follows the complicated lives of a relatively famous novelist Bill (Greg Kinnear), his ex-wife (Jennifer Connolly) and two aspiring writer children (Lily Collins and Nat Wolff). Bell plays Tricia, a neighbor Bill is having a casual affair with, who attempts to help him move on with his life. It’s a really cheesy premise but is incredibly charming and boasts a killer cast.

Safety Not Guaranteed — 2012

This 2012 indie, which launched Colin Trevorrow into Jurassic World and *almost* Star Wars, follows a local magazine staff as they profile a man who is attempting to travel back in time to prevent the accidental death of his girlfriend, played by Bell.

The Lifeguard — 2013

Bell took a break from comedy with The Lifeguard, starring as Leigh, a journalist who becomes disillusioned by her city life and returns to her hometown. After taking up her old high school job as community pool lifeguard, Leigh begins an affair with local teen Jason (The Fosters’ David Lambert) while also attempting to reevaluate her life.