Sammy Nickalls
Updated July 24, 2015 8:18 am

Kristen Bell doesn’t just pull out her Princess Anna impression for anyone. But when she heard about Avery Huffman, a six-year-old Frozen fan with an inoperable brain tumor, she made an exception.

Huffman, of Auburn, Washington, was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) at the end of June. Even with treatment, the life expectancy for a child with DIPG is severely limited.

“This energetic, sweet, compassionate, strong willed, beautiful little girl, with her whole life ahead of us, was essentially given a death sentence,” Avery’s father, Brandon, wrote in an article for Caring Bridge.

But Avery’s family is not giving up on her. They launched a powerful hashtag campaign, #AveryStrong, to raise awareness about Avery’s plight, and set up a GoFundMe account entitled “Support Avery Huffman” to cover costs for their daughter’s treatment and well-being. So far they’ve raised over $176,000, and garnered compassion and attention from people around the globe.

But one person in particular has been able to put a smile on Avery’s face.

“Like roughly 93% of all little girls in the United States, Avery loved the movie Frozen,” Brandon wrote. “We’ve probably watched or heard it over 200 times. I’ve sang my share of duets of ‘Love Is an Open Door’ with Avery while watching numerous performances of Let It Go, Do You Want To Build a Snowman, and For the First Time In Forever.”

Through Brandon’s co-worker who had a connection to the real Princess Anna, Avery received the best call ever and it was all caught on video. Kristen left a voicemail for Avery in the excited voice of Princess Anna from Frozen. “Hi Avery! This is Princess Anna of Arendelle,” Kristen says in the voicemail. “I just wanted to call and say hello. So, HELLO!”

Then she gives Avery a big piece of news. “Avery, my sister Elsa says she’s heard that you’ve been such a good girl and that you’ve been so brave, she has decided to crown you as an honorary Princess of Arendelle!” she exclaims.

The look on Avery’s face is so, so precious. “Avery couldn’t stop talking about it and was so excited to have her sisters and brother hear it,” Brandon wrote. “Despite being incredibly busy, Kristen Bell took the time to make a little [six]-year old girl’s day.”

Our hearts have grown three sizes. All hail Princess Avery Huffman of Arendelle! We’re sure she’ll make an absolutely fabulous princess. Her bravery is already a total inspiration. Some people are just super-worthy of a little Disney magic. We’re so happy and moved that Kristen used her Frozen powers to have a real impact on one little girl who truly deserved it. Watch the whole video of Avery hearing the voicemail, because it’s nothing short of beautiful.

(Images via Shutterstock, GoFundMe)