One of the (many) reasons we love Kristen Bell is her candor, particularly when it comes to navigating parenthood. And much like BFFs Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Bell and her husband Dax Shepard keep their kids out of the public eye—so much so that their children don’t even know their parents are famous.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio, the Good Place star revealed that while her daughters know about her work (they’ve seen Frozen), her 5-year-old, Lincoln, only recently realized that it means her mom is also a celeb.

Bell explained that it all started when Lincoln asked her dad, Shepard, why people listen to his podcast Armchair Expert, co-hosted with friend Monica Padman.

“You’re…famous?!” Lincoln apparently asked in shock. To which Shepard replied, “Well, I guess. Why do you think people stop me and Mommy to take pictures?”

“And it was this moment where we recognized ‘famous’ meant something to her at school—like it was something people collectively worshipped,” Bell said.

Watch Bell recount the moment below.

Bell also noted that Lincoln doesn’t fully understand it all yet—and that she and Shepard are happy to keep it that way for now.

Parenting in the spotlight can’t be easy, and we commend Bell and Shepard for keeping things so incredibly down-to-earth. And, we admit, we can’t wait until the day Lincoln gets to see Veronica Mars.