If you’ve been waiting for KKW Beauty’s concealer kits, you can finally get your hands on them

Hold onto your hats, Kardashian fans, because the highly-anticipated KKW Beauty concealer kits have made their debut. That’s right, the 16-shade concealers are launching today, March 23rd.

We knew that KKW Beauty’s concealers would be an exciting launch, as its Kim’s first time releasing base products, but we didn’t expect the beauty mogul to launch kits that also include two powders: a baking powder and brightening powder. It even comes with two brushes. The 3-step concealing system brings it to a whole new level. Those of us with pesky under-eye circles, rejoice!

The shade range, which we’ll touch on in a minute, includes both warm and cool tones and each kit is organized just like KKW Beauty’s Contour Kits. There are four light, four medium, four dark, and four deep dark categories to choose from. There are 16 shades total.

As a result, people are upset about the shade range lacking diversity. While there are 16 shades to pick from (four in each category), commenters on the brand’s Instagram are expressing that these concealers cater to paler skin. This has prompted one of the campaign’s models, Mouna Fadiga, to state that the dark shade concealer matched her skin tone. However, in this day and age, there’s just no excuse to not have a wide shade range that caters to all skin tones, and we hope Kim is listening to her followers.

You can now get the KKW Beauty Concealer Kit bundle for $80.


The bundle includes all 3 products plus two dual-ended brushes. You can also buy them individually for $18 each, including the brushes.


If you’re itching to get your hands on one of these kits you’re going to need to move fast, because as with all other KKW Beauty products, they’re going to fly off the shelves.


And of course, you can use the concealer in more places than just under your eyes, you can use it to highlight and help your contour stand out (especially if you already have KKW Beauty’s Contour Kits).

Head on over to KKW Beauty at noon PST, and pick up one of its concealer kits for yourself while they’re still around.

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