Anna Sheffer
Updated May 10, 2019

Our favorite reality star, Kim Kardashian West, just had her third child and second daughter via surrogate. Some women, like Kim, use a surrogate because of medical problems, so the process can be a huge blessing. But how much did Kim’s surrogate cost?

TMZ reported in June that the Kardashian-West clan would pay their surrogate $45,000 in 10 payments of $4,500 each. But that’s not the only cost associated with a surrogate pregnancy. The celebrity mom also payed the agency that found her surrogate a deposit of $68,850.

Kim’s surrogate sadly didn’t get more to carry a Kardashian-West baby, but there’s a good reason for that. Stephanie Caballero, the founder of the Surrogacy Law Center in California, told The Cut that what Kim paid was typical for an experienced surrogate. She added that a larger paycheck could have seemed like bribery.

Kim’s surrogate did get plenty of thanks, though. In a statement on her website on January 15th, Kim expressed her gratitude.

According to Reproductive Possibilities, a surrogacy agency, the estimated cost for a surrogate pregnancy via in-vitro fertilization is $70,000-90,000. This price tag doesn’t include the cost of the IVF procedure. So while the procedure was a great option for Kim and her family, unfortunately, many women may not be able to afford it.

Kim isn’t the only celebrity to have a child via a surrogate. Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, and Jimmy Fallon also have experience with this process.

Using a surrogate mother may be a complicated and expensive process, but it benefits many families. We’re so excited for the Kardashian-West family and their new, healthy daughter. Congratulations to Kim and Kanye!