Another day, another Kim Kardashian magazine cover…and this one is sparking a bit of controversy. On February 27th, Kardashian’s Vogue India cover was released, and less than 24 hours later the news is already receiving all kinds of backlash. In short: people on Twitter are mad that Kardashian was chosen for the Vogue Indiacover, and they feel like someone else would have been way more appropriate for the gig.

As a whole, the cover story and her interview are both pretty par for the course — and pretty vanilla, all things considered. Not only is Kardashian fully clothed in a black evening gown, but in the interview, she talks about how much she loves her family and how proud she is of the life and career she’s built for herself since Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered over a decade ago.

But that’s not what people are talking about.

In fact, all of the backlash is tied to why Vogue India would choose to feature Kardashian instead of an Indian model or Bollywood star who might be more representative of the magazine’s readers.

Of course, the cover is gorgeous, because this is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. Just look at it:

Even so, people are making their voices heard: false false

These critics are definitely making fair points. Kardashian did say in an episode of KUWTK that she thinks Indian food is “disgusting,” but she quickly offered an apology to anyone she might have offended at the time.

The issue is more that the magazine jumped to hire an American superstar for its cover over an Indian celeb — of which there are, of course, many. Plus, as one commentator noted on Twitter, the problem with the cover is that “the photographer, the clothes, the makeup artist, the hair stylist, none of them are Indian. It could have been an opportunity to showcase Indian talent to the world but….”

It’s true: Of the two covers the mag shot with Kardashian, neither features an Indian clothing designer — in one, Kardashian wears a black dress by Philipp Plein, and in the other, her red frock is by Jean Paul Gaultier — nor any Indian talent (aside from a few employees of Vogue India).

Last year, Vogue India faced backlash after choosing Kendall Jenner as its cover model; it said in defense of the choice that 90% of its cover stars in the last decade have been Indian.

“We are Vogue, an international brand, and we want to give the love back by featuring some of the best international celebrities on over covers. Occasionally!” the magazine said in a statement.

We’re anxious to find out who Vogue India will feature next.