Kim Kardashian Cannes Lions : Day Four
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In a world that obsesses more about Kim Kardashian’s (infamous) butt than her brain, it’s easy to forget her intelligence. After all, she’s proven to be an incredibly accomplished business woman. But, according to Marie Claire, she just did something incredibly amazing by taking out a full page in The New York Times to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide. Like, wow.

Kim K, who is of Armenian descent, got sick of the denial of the genocide. So she used her platform to ask the government to take a stance.

According to, the genocide began in 1915 when the Turkish government began attacking Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Within the next decade or so, when the government ended the massacres and deportations, approximately 1.5 million were killed. But, to this day, it’s still illegal to discuss this genocide in Turkey. false

Just, like, wow. Major shout out to Kim K for using her platform to raise awareness of what is clearly a major issue, and for taking a risk. People love her for being fun, and pretty, but with this move she reminds us that she’s more than just a pretty face and ~internet breaking~ behind — she’s a powerful and intelligent woman. TBH, we’re here for it, and hoping for more political statements from Kim Kardashian in the future. You go, girl.

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