Even moms-of-three need parenting advice once in a while. Kim Kardashian West recently revealed which one of her sisters she hits up for parenting advice, and her go-to might surprise you. With three of her siblings going by “mom” these days, Kim has her pick for who to turn to when North, Saint, or Chicago throw her a curveball. And recently, Kim has been relying on her youngest sister Kylie for wisdom.

Kylie, who just gave birth to her first child in February, is relatively new to motherhood. However, Kim admits Kylie has a leg up on her in some aspects of parenting.

However, Kim also noted that it often depends on the kind of advice she needs. Kylie knows her gadgets, but “Khloé and I probably have the most similar parenting style and I will usually go to one of my best friends Larsa [Pippen], because she has four kids, for mom advice,” she continued.

Kim said she also doles out advice to her siblings — as well as moms everywhere.

We love that the Kardashian-Jenner crew has such a massive support system when it comes to parenting. Now, more family photos, please.