Amanda Malamut
Updated Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:45 am

Kim Kardashian is known for switching up her hair style. From platinum blonde and choppy bangs to soft highlights and wavy blowouts, she’s done it all, even sporting an eye-popping shade of pink in recent weeks. Sadly, however, Kardashian has already traded in those bright-pink strands for her trademark dark brunette tresses. Though she warned us the pink wouldn’t last long, that doesn’t mean we were ready for such a sudden switch.

RIP, bright-pink hue. We’ll miss you.

Kim Kardashian previously explained her rationale for going pink as such:

We’re wondering if North West has anything to say about her mom’s most recent change, considering she was a big fan of the pink.

In typical Kardashian fashion, Kim took to Instagram to show off her new (old?) ‘do.

Maintaining bright-pink hair can be very difficult, so it makes sense that Kim Kardashian switched to a more manageable color. So while we’ll miss the pink, we totally understand why she went back to brown. And, of course, she looks gorgeous either way.