Kim kardashian thesis
Credit: Kim Kardashian West /

A recent graduate wrote a master’s thesis on Kim Kardashian and when she found out, KKW reached out to ask for a copy (because of course). According to Paper magazine, Corderro McMurry is a Northern Arizona University master’s graduate who wrote his Communication and Media Studies thesis on Kim Kardashian. The reporter/master’s candidate tweeted about his accomplishment and made sure to tag Kim in hopes she might see it.

It’s unclear what exactly his thesis is about, but he did say he spoke to E! and The Hollywood Reporter as sources. Eventually, Kim saw his tweet and asked if he’d send her a copy.

After Kim responded to McMurry, her mentions started filling with people who also wrote their theses, terms papers, and essays about the most famous Kardashian.

We’re super curious what McMurry’s paper was about, but he promises to release it online soon.

We’re guessing since he was a Communications major that the thesis was something in the realm of “the body as brand,” or “the cult of personality aka digital marketing in 2018,” or “capitalism and the female body.” You really can spend hours coming up with Kardashian-inspired theses if you want to.

In recent years, the Kardashians have often been the subject of “high brow” discourse. The Daily Beast published “Why Intellectuals Love to Take the Kardashians Seriously” in 2017 and came to the conclusion that academics and journalists love them because they are a perfect case study of “American ideals.” We’re curious to know what Kim thinks about how much everyone critically thinks about her.