One of the universal truths of 2018 is that Kim Kardashian is the queen of social media. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that she knows how to use it to her advantage. Basically, every post she makes is a news story — and her recent tweet is no exception. We now know why she sent her haters samples of her latest KKW Fragrance, and, guys, there’s so much shade but it’s also kind of empowering?

A bit of backstory: back in February, Kim sent samples of her limited-edition Kimoji Hearts Fragrance to friends, family, influencers, and her haters. She revealed this news in a Snapchat video (because she’s the queen of social media, remember?). In the video, she showed columns of Post-It notes with the names of the people who would receive the fragrance. Notably, two columns featured names of people she’s publicly feuded with, like Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan, and Wendy Williams.

Naturally, people flipped out because, honestly, that’s so much shade. But Kim didn’t address her motivation behind the move until recently. “When I had my KKW Fragrance KIMOJI Hearts launch, I sent some of my haters the new perfumes,” she wrote on her app.

She added:

Since we don’t have an eponymous line of beauty products and fragrances to shade our haters with, we’re glad Kim included additional advice for dealing with them.

Preach, Kim. Preach.