It’s difficult to fathom Kim Kardashian being anyone other than the A-list mogul she is today, but once upon a time she was an 8th grader with braces posing for (non-digital) pictures at birthday parties. Oh, and she was also hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal, but neither of them could have known how far their careers would take them at the time.

Kim shared snapshots from an old scrapbook on Instagram Stories this week, flipping through page after page of glossy throwbacks (she cut around the people in the photos so they’re all in #artsy shapes). Seriously — this is some truly epic ’90s scrapbooking.

“In high school, we would have our parents take us to Rite Aid and go in the photo [booth] and just use props and take pictures,” she explained, zooming in on shots looking far more put-together than any high school student has a right to look, “and we just were so obsessed.”

She also shared a series of shots from “when I was like 12 to 14,” including one in her school uniform, one from a birthday party and: “Oh my god, Jake Gyllenhaal.”

Like Drew Barrymore, we love Jake Gyllenhaal, but were not at all prepared to see him in Kim’s scrapbook. She zoomed in on a close-up image of the actor with a buzz cut, closed-mouth smile, and no facial hair. Basically, a baby Jake.

Kim and Jake attended different high schools (Kim attended Marymount High School in Bel Air, while Jake graduated from Harvard-Westlake), so we’re not 100% sure how they knew each other — but knew each other they did.

Okay Kim, we officially need you to explain this one. Please, thank you, and asap.