Elizabeth Entenman
Updated January 25, 2018 10:03 am

And Baby #4 makes six? Not so fast. First, everybody wanted to know when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate would give birth to their third child. (She arrived early in the morning on Monday, January 15th.) Then, they wanted to know Baby #3’s name. (It’s Chicago West, a perfect tribute to Kanye’s hometown.) But now, just days later, the conversation has already moved to Baby #4. Rumors are swirling that Kardashian is ready to have a fourth child. But apparently, that’s all they are — rumors. Because Kim just shut them down on Twitter.

On Wednesday, January 24th, multiple outlets reported that Kardashian may have already asked her surrogate to carry another baby for her and Kanye. “Even before Chicago was born, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to carry her next baby,” PEOPLE reported yesterday that a source told them. “She’s so happy with the whole process and thrilled with the surrogate. Kanye was even bonding with the surrogate’s husband in the delivery room.”

Other outlets ran similar stories. But Kim is rarely one to shy away from the media, especially when there are rumors concerning her family. So the reality TV star took to Twitter to set the record straight and call out those who reported misinformation.

Kim Kardashian shut down the rumors in two words: “fake news.”

There you have it. According to Kim Kardashian herself, she has not already asked her surrogate to carry her next baby. That’s not to say she won’t ask sometime in the future. But we’re guessing that right now, Kim and Kanye are focusing on spending time with Chicago, their new little bundle of joy.

What we’re really waiting for is the first picture of Chicago West.