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Updated Sep 20, 2019 @ 2:38 pm
Credit: @khloekardashian, Instagram

If you thought that Kendall Jenner was the only one in her family dyeing her hair blonde this week, you haven’t seen Khloé Kardashian’s new hair color. A few days after Jenner debuted platinum blonde hair while walking the Burberry runway at London Fashion Week, Kardashian has gone even more blonde. (Not that it’s a competition, ladies.)

On September 19th, she unveiled her new platinum blonde hair on Instagram, and the shade is so light and icy that it’s practically white. Kardashian captioned her post with the cloud emoji, which accurately describes the color. She kept her roots dark, which gives the platinum hair a lived-in vibe. The contrast between light and dark also makes the blonde even brighter.

Kardashian has experimented with various shades of blonde throughout 2019, including another platinum color at the beginning of the year, and a darker, multi-dimensional blonde this spring. She’s also played with various lengths thanks to extensions, including a blunt bob and super-long, waist-length hair.

As with any Kardashian hair change, it’s always possible that this is a wig. However, given Khloé’s history with blonde hair and her post tags, a ton of bleach was probably used in the making of this platinum shade. We respect her willingness to take on such a high maintenance hair color.