Khloé Kardashian has been dealing with mommy-shamers since before she gave birth. When she was pregnant with True she was criticized for flying to Japan because apparently all Instagram commenters are doctors and decided that she shouldn’t fly while pregnant. Mommy-shamers are a wild bunch, and as Chrissy Teigen expertly pointed out—often very sexist—but Khloé is over the judgment and vitriol she gets on a daily basis on social media.

“Even working out, like my baby’s asleep, I’m working out, the monitor’s with me…but even if it’s not, do you think I’m leaving my child alone?” Khloé told E! News at a Good American event in New York.

Khloé basically said that anytime she’s not with her daughter, she’s attacked.

When Khloé announced she was finally going back to work, people still tweeted “Where’s True?” at her as if Khloé wasn’t aware of her child’s whereabouts.

Khloé, we feel you. Keep on doing you and tune out the noise.