On Sunday, December 16th, Kim Kardashian posted a throwback photo of herself on Instagram. Many couldn’t help but notice how much Kim looked like her youngest daughter in the picture, with the photo even prompting sister Kylie Jenner to write, “Omg Chicago” in the comments section.

However, one fan responded to Jenner’s comment with, “Chicago would either look MORE like Kanye or the surrogate mother”—seeming to imply that Chicago isn’t Kim’s biological daughter because she was born via gestational carrier. Which is when Khloé Kardashian got involved. “If you don’t really know about someone’s situation then maybe you shouldn’t comment,” she wrote. “Try informing yourself first before you make such silly statements doll.”

The fan responded to Khloé by doubling down on her initial comment, which led Khloé to clap back yet again.

Khloé then posted her own comment, writing that Kim is “always gorgeous just like both of your baby girls!!!! Blessed!!!” Preach.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there surrounding the surrogacy process and the different surrogacy options available, and we’re glad Khloé stepped up to clarify—because the more (reliable) information there is in the public forum for women and families, the better. Thanks for stepping in, lady.