Photo of KFC Logo With a Selection of Chicken Pieces
Credit: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, KFC is having a rough week. The fast-food chain is, believe it or not, experiencing a chicken shortage in the United Kingdom. Yes, you read that right. The company basically ran out of its principal menu item. As a result, about half of all KFC locations across Britain were forced to shut down while the issue was sorted out. Yikes!

Understandably, many people across the pond have been upset over this nightmarish #chickengeddon situation. But fear not, good people of Britain: The chicken gods have been listening and want to make it right.

The fast-food chain has released an apology ad that is so clever, it might just un-ravage the hearts and minds of fried-chicken lovers everywhere. What did the apology ad say, you ask? Well, the ad rearranged the letters in KFC to “FCK.” Well played, KFC. Well played.

The ad continued:

Isn’t it fantastic?

This isn’t the chain’s first humorous attempt to diffuse the tension surrounding #chickengeddon.

KFC played on the old “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke.

And don’t forget some patented “hen house” humor.

The iconic purveyor of fried chicken also threw some hardcore shade at its competitors.

Luckily, there’s finally an update on the chicken shortage front. Per the company’s U.K. Twitter page, 90% of its locations in Britain are up and running once more. Hooray! This is particularly good news for their social media managers, who are apparently out of witty responses.

We’re glad you’re figuring it out, KFC! You have surely ruffled some feathers, but we still love you.