Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Feb 26, 2018 @ 11:07 am

We’re big fans of Kevin Smith. He’s made some of our favorite movies and is an awesome dad to his daughter, Harley Quinn. (Need we mention that he’s a fellow comic book nerd?) And today, we have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack. But the good news is that he’s alive and doing okay.

Here’s what we know: Early in the morning on Monday, February 26th, Kevin Smith posted a lengthy Instagram post explaining what happened. Apparently, he had a night of back-to-back stand-up comedy shows lined up. But after the first one, he felt nauseous, started sweating, and his chest felt heavy. An ambulance took Smith to the hospital, where he learned that he suffered a massive heart attack; his LAD artery was completely blocked. Smith said that if he had stayed to do the second stand-up show, he would have died.

In Smith’s post, he included a selfie from his hospital bed. You can tell he’s in good spirits because he mustered the strength to strike his signature wide-eyed pose. And it’s a rare pic of him not wearing a hockey jersey.

Just hours after the huge health scare, Smith reflected on what he learned from the experience.

If Smith’s name doesn’t ring a bell right away, you’ll definitely recognize some Kevin Smith movies.

He’s a filmmaker best known for writing films like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. Smith is also an actor and plays Silent Bob in the comedic duo Jay and Silent Bob, who originated in Clerks. In 2017, Smith announced that the fan-favorite duo would return for more laughs in Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot. As he further reflected on his near-death experience, he gave the highly anticipated project a shout-out.

We’re just glad Smith is okay.

The filmmaker continued by thanking his friends for calling the ambulance and the doctors at the hospital for saving his life. He also joked that it might be time to become a vegan. But most of all, he’s humbled to have had a happy life and successful career. We’re so glad he gets to continue on and keep making people laugh.

Silent Bob is definitely about to strike back.