Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 17, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Credit: Instagram / Kesha

A new report from Billboard has us a little worried, as we just found out that Kesha appears to be completely and totally dropping her charges against Dr. Luke, the music producer who she said sexually assaulted her. As you may know, the producer responded by saying she was lying about it to get out of her contract with Kemosabe Records, which is owned by Sony. He also filed a countersuit and added to the already substantial scrutiny surrounding Kesha’s life.

Just this summer, Kesha, convinced she wouldn’t win the case, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in California and sent nearly 30 new songs to Sony.

It’s a chilling reminder that many who decide to open up about sexual assault are nothing short of terrified of the impact that it’ll have on their lives, especially considering that assault tends to come from people we know. In Kesha’s case, the entire issue was majorly wearing not just on her sense of self, but on her career, as Dr. Luke remained a powerful force in her life as an artist in a way that really caused further suffering.

Apparently, she told a New York Judge this past Friday that she wanted to drop the assault allegations completely.

And we really can’t judge her. She tried to escape her contract and escape from Dr. Luke, but her request was denied. She’s been embarrassed, harassed, and dehumanized, with Dr. Luke even asking for access to her medical records to break therapist-patient confidentiality and find out what she was saying about him. Not cool, and a very scary precedent for survivors and victims of sexual violence.

We just hope Kesha is okay, and that she’s taking care of herself and surrounded by those who love and care for her.

Nothing is easy about coming forward with allegations of sexual assault and sexual violence, and we are sending Kesha as much love as we possibly can. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: #FREEKESHA.

If you, or someone you love are a victim of assault, there ARE resources for you, and just remember: You are not alone.