Grab your thinking caps, because we have a mystery to solve—and it involves Kenny G, Kim Kardashian, and a living room full of flowers. Okay, let’s back up. Yesterday, February 14th, was Valentine’s Day, and rapper Kanye West pulled out all the stops to give wife Kim Kardashian the gift of a lifetime: A private at-home concert from saxophonist Kenny G. And while the romantic overture may have earned Yeezy a “best husband award” from Kim herself, Twitter had a decidedly different opinion.

As you’ll see in the video clip below, Kim stumbled upon Kenny G standing in her living room surrounded by a sea of roses in individual glass vases. A beautiful sight to behold, to be sure, but we can’t help but wonder: How the hell did Kenny G get in there?

It’s clear Kenny G doesn’t have much room to move around. One misstep and that sexy saxophone solo would be rudely interrupted by the sound of shattering glass, right? Which brings us to our next question: How did he get OUT of there? Did he have to wait for a path to be cleared, or did poor Kenny G have to Mission: Impossible his way to freedom?

Twitter got to work positing its own Kenny G theories:



For our part, we’re choosing to believe Kenny G was not injured in the making of this Valentine’s Day surprise.