Trilby Beresford
March 16, 2017 9:21 am
Kendall Jenner /

We’re still not over Kim Kardashian’s incredibly scary Paris robbery, so we’re genuinely super concerned to hear that her sister Kendall Jenner was the victim of a burglary last night.

According to, Jenner realized some of her jewelry was missing from her bedroom when she returned to her Hollywood home after being out all day. She immediately called 911, and police checked out her house to see if any intruders were still there (egads), or if there was a sign of forced entry.

Apparently this is one in a string of celebrity burglaries in the area. Alanis Morissette lost two million dollars worth of jewelry in a recent burglary, and Nicki Minaj’s home was recently vandalized. However, there’s not yet information about whether they incidents are related/being organized by the same group. UGH.

Seriously, we can’t imagine how invasive it would be to know that someone was in your home looking through your personal belongings, and we feel for Jenner so much.

Can this stop already? No one should have to deal with this kind of thing. Not Kendall Jenner, not anyone!

It was just yesterday that Jenner posted the exciting news on Instagram that she’s the face of the new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite collection, so we’re hoping she’s doing okay despite recent events. Hopefully the investigation doesn’t drag on and she can return to her normal life as soon as possible.

We’re sending so much love to Kendall, and feeling comforted by the fact that she has a strong support system around her for when upsetting things like this happen. Stay strong, girl!